Troubleshooting Intune Device Enrollment Types

I recently posted a blog about the many ways to enroll Windows 10 devices into Intune. I didn’t go into detail on troubleshooting existing devices and how to work out the method they used to enroll in the first place. The reason you might want to know how a device was enrolled is because some capabilities may only be available for certain enrollment types. A good example of that is the Intune Management Extension which you can use for Powershell scripts and Win32 apps – That’s only available on devices that were Azure AD Joined and autoenrolled.

The Intune portal devices blade doesn’t show an enrollment type in the user interface so the first thing you’ll want to do is  get a little bit familiar with Graph API and/or Intune powershell. There are a few ways to do this but I think the new Powershell Module (currently in preview) for Intune is the easiest and most familiar for IT admins so I’ll show those steps here:

  1. Go to github and download the Intune Powershell Module
  2. Import the downloaded module and connect to your Intune tennant with your admin credentials
Import-Module ./Microsoft.Graph.Intune.psd1


3.  Get the device details:

get-intunemanageddevice | select devicename, deviceEnrollmentType

The output will show you how the device got enrolled. You can also check this graph reference for a description of each enrollment type.

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